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  Product categories
Electronic products
   - HSR-Memory Pressure Gauge
   - GSS-Memory Pressure Gauge
   - Downhole Smart Robot
   - Portable Calibrater
   - Vibrating Wire Sensor
   - Self-Adapting Control SYS
   - Depth-Registering Device
   - ZPG-Lithium Battery Pack
Mechanical products
   - Cable-Blowout Preventer
   - Wire-Blowout Preventer
   - Sealing-Blowout Preventer
   - Centralized Pry Installer
   - High-pressure Seal Grease
   - Pressure Calibrater
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Chengdu Luhai Petroleum Science Technology Co. Ltd.
ADDRESS:Sichuan province Chengdu Wuhou Temple street ****80 
JULIA WU:13668273897
JULIA YI:15281071968

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Sealing Blowout Preventer
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